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Information and Referral

FIC provides support to families in accessing appropriate behavioral health 

treatment and resources within our  community. Our goal is to connect our 

families to providers who and compassionate, attentive and dedicated 

to providing quality care for children, youth and families.


Family Partners & Youth Peer Support

    Family Partners believe families have a primary decision-making role in the care of their children,             as well as in the policies and procedures governing care for all children in their communities.                              Parents and Caregivers are prepared for such meetings as Individualized Education plans,                                        Child and Family Teams, and Court Appearances. The Family Partner is also available                             to attend these meetings with parent consent.  Youth Peer Supports are youth/young adults 

             who promote young people having the right to be empowered, educated to exercise a                   decision-making role in the care of their own lives.  


Children and Family Empowerment

“The Café”

                (The CAFÉ) is a celebration of family support.  It brings together parents/caregivers, and                               their children who access services, to share information and educate one                     another  to become better advocates for their children.   


Powerful Youth Leaders (PYL)

Powerful Youth Leaders is based on the Youth Move National model and provides peer to peer mentorship to middle school and high school aged youth within a group setting. These children have Behavioral Health, Juvenile Justice, Substance Use and Trauma Based Experiences.. PYL is Youth-guided which means that while youth are minors and may not have reached the age to consent for treatment, nevertheless the youth’s voice and choice are essential in helping to determine the care received at both the individual and systems levels.


Pastoral and Ministerial Care

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