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Powerful Youth Leaders (PYL)

Powerful Youth Leaders is based on the Youth Move National model and provides peer to peer mentorship to middle school and high school aged youth within a group setting. These children have Behavioral Health, Juvenile Justice, Substance Use and Trauma Based Experiences.. PYL is Youth-guided which means that while youth are minors and may not have reached the age to consent for treatment, nevertheless the youth’s voice and choice are essential in helping to determine the care received at both the individual and systems levels.

Some activities of PYL may include:

Conflict Resolution Advocacy for self and others

 Positive Relationships

  Job Skills

 The Ropes Challenge

 Wellness Recovery Action Plan (“WRAP” teaches participants recovery

 and self-management skills within the context of work, school and everyday life). 

 Future Youth M.O.V.E. Chapter

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